Level Cap = 66 max
   -> Season 2=Lvl55, Season 3=Lvl 60, Season 4=Lvl 65  ( 1 month duration per season)
Player Exp = High   20x/40x
Animus Exp = High   9999x / 9999x
Drop Rate = Low     35x  / 50x
Mining Rate = Low  35x / 50x
Skill/PT/Force = GM
50/55 Quest = Disabled
Sell Rate =15M 1 stack Gli, 45M 1 stack Silver Pig Statue
Max Upgrade = +6  (donation items +5 max)
Upgrade Rare =  1- 3 NO Break 
Shared Temorary Point Party : Enabled
Cash Point / Vote Point Regen : Disabled
Chip Breaker Reward = Automatic Reward - CB/CB Killer Certificate convert to Donation Point and Event Point System event
HQ Daily Quest NPC = at Captured Keeper,   10 Sage Random Material Box and daily quest certificate for Event Point System Event
Ore Processing = all kind of talics, T1 to T6 gems 
Ore Combine = combine 4 different stack of ore +3 to produce 25 Sage Random Material Box
Cash Shop = Disabled 
Sette NPC = Premium Potions using gold points
Dual Login = Enabled
Talic Vendor - Disabled
BuffMe = Enabled
Modified Skin = Lvl 65 Type C, Rare D, Dragon Armour/Weapon/Jetpack/Shield
DevCorp Protected
Server Hosted = Singapore
All items is craftable, drop from Chip, PB Boss, Mobs drop, Daily Quest, Ore combination
Level 65 Items Stage :  Intense from NPC, Mobs drop > Type C -> Rare D -> DA Relic
Welcome/Freebies : Claim in gamecp website-> Account ->EventReward  Claim -> Season Freebies
Guild Package : Guild Leader to send guild items via gamecp, season 1 Relic Weapon, Season 2 Armour set 




Young Flem
   Newbie Elemental Accessories, 100% Exp recovery, choco potions
   All Pitboss Scrolls

Assasin Builder
   Booster lvl 50, leons weapon lvl 45, Type N Armours Lv 50

Draco Hatchling
   Gold Capsule +29 gold Points

  all kinds of talics

  Anti Stigma - SOD potion Lv 1-2-3

Assassin Builder B
  Crimson Lvl 50 / Lvl 50 Strong Armour

Calliana Queen
  HDH High

Calliana Archer
  HDH Mid

Calliana Atrock
  Lvl 50 Jetpack/Shield

Calliana Crew
  Gli ( Farm money low)

Rock Jaw
  season 2 armour and weapon box, sage random material box

  Summon Potions, season 2 armour and weapon box, sage random material box, Dagnue Ring

  Teleport Potions, season 2 armour and weapon box, sage random material box, Dagnue Ring

 Movement speed potion, season 2 armour and weapon box, sage random material box dagnue amulet

Caliana Princess
 Def Gauge Potion, Gold Capsules +1000

 Assasin Builder X
   - high rate Season 2 Weapon and Armour Box

  Passer Gamma
   - high rate Race money farm

  Turcoat Mercenery
   - low rate weapon box

  Turcoat Dementor
   - low rate armour box

Colcanic Couldron / Sette Dessert
 Infernal Draco
   - all talics
  Hum Baba
   - all T3 Gem
  Giant Baba
   - all t4 Gems

   - Shield lvl 55 type C
   - gold capsule +3000

Stocker Lava
   - Mau Blessing, Animus Blessing, Chest nut potions, roast potato, hot chololate, rental elven weapons

Hora Ghost
   - silver pig, 1k Gold capsules, High Elems

   - silver pig, 1K Gold capsules, High elems

Outcast Land / Beast Mountain
 Endless Flame Draco
    - default drops, intant summon poition, gold capsule 3k

Sand Sting Bug
   - mau blessing, animus blessing, chest nut potion, roast potato, hot cholate, rental elven weapons

Ring Leader
  - Defalt drop, teleport potion, gold capsule +1000

Cremul Captain
 -all color type A, B, C Excelsiar

Naroon Captain

Kukra Captain
  - default drops, type N Lvl60 Weapons

  Reaper . Beam, Gli
  Reaper Jurnior , Beam. Gli
  Rage Claw ; rian
  Black Sign  ;Seal Breaking Scroll, Gold Capsule 3K
  Black Sign Executor : Keen, Favor, Grace, Mercy Talics
  Back Sign Squad : Darkness, Chaos, hatred, Destruction, Wisdomm Talic
  Mutant Walker : Sacred Fire, Belief, Guard, Glory Talic
  King Mutant Walker : Restoraration Talic

Hidden Elf Land
  Dark Elf Beserker . GP, Gli , Excelsiar B and C ( High Level Farm)
  Naroom Crawler Captain , all kinds of Talic
  Narum Crawler Battalion Commander; Lvl 65 Weapon and Armour Box
  Kukra Vafer Battalion Commander  ; T3, T4 & T5 Gems
  Cremul Snatcher Battaliion Commander : Lvl 65 Weapon and Armour Box
  WindBox : Silver Pig ( low drop)


  - TC  Low Level race money farm -  Gli
  - Enemy Portal Guard-  for Season 2

» Chip War : Default drop + Ruined Seal Breaking Scroll, Normal Seal Breaking Scroll, Blessed Seal Demount, Brilliant Halostone, Gold Capsule +10000
» HolyStone Keeper : Elven Weapon (rented), Brilliant Halostone,  Gold Capsule +10000
» HQ : Pitboss HQ : Gold Caps 1K + Speed Accessories (Freedom Amulet for Bellato / Divinity Ring for Cora Pitboss)
» Settlements : Pitboss HQ :  Gold Caps 1K 
» Bio Lab : Izen Cracker : Leons Weapon lvl 55, Sealed Relic Weapons, Ruined Seal Breaking Scroll, Normal Seal Breaking Scroll, Gold Capsule +3000
» Bio Lab : Black Sign Boss:  Leons Weapon lvl 55  Sealed Relic Weapons, Ruined Seal Breaking Scroll, Normal Seal Scroll,Blessed Seal  Gold Capsule +3000
» Elf Land : Vafer Shaman :for Season 3 update
» Elf Land : Metal Eleven Mechanic Master : for Season 3 update